Reasons to Play Craps

Craps are becoming more popular in casinos due to people finding that the odds are much better than say blackjack. And you can get accessibility to free stuff. Their are a lot of advantages.

In craps the player controls the game?you can get a new set of dice if you request it, bargain with the dealers for better odds and you can get the table limit suspended along with making unadvertised call bets.

craps table in casino

Many of the bets can have a casino advantage of under 2% the more popular bets are the pass line with maximum odds. You can improve your finances by 900% in two rolls, try betting one lonely dollar on the two or twelve. If it wins you will get $30, then let it ride and you could make $900 in just one minute. Where else can you make money like this. Working a 9-5 job you can't make this kind of money.

You can also try riding along with a good shooter. A good example is to follow someone who makes small bets of $5 more or less, while other people are shooting, then when he is the shooter and he puts a larger amount down you do it too. This is a good example of using someone else's talent instead of relying on your own all the time.

Getting free stuff at the casinos is a given when you buy in with a large amount of money. Some casinos will give you credit for your spread instead of your individual bets. You can receive a free room, free show, free drinks and free meals. Isn't life wonderful!

Craps is very much a people-oriented game, you can mix with other gamblers, the dealers, and the waiters and waitresses serving you the complimentary drinks in all the casinos.

You can make lots of friends as long as you are winning on the table and you are making lots of money. But seriously, you can make a lot of good friends and intermingling with no betters and betters, whatever your fancy. Whether you just like to watch or you want to join in, it is a lot of fun.

Craps is certainly a most exciting and fast moving game, it has some of the most attractive odds for the player. But, and a big but?it can be a complicated game for a newcomer, because there is such a lot of betting options, special rates etc. It is easy to get intimidated at first, I know I did and many new gamblers to the game do. But once you know it, it is easy and you won't want to stop.

You will still need to approach it with caution and special attention, especially if you want to make some serious money.

Craps is a wonderful, exciting, and a profitable game for any casino-goer. If your tired of the hassles and the always changing rules of the blackjack tables, then craps is the game for you. Craps gives you real player control, possibility of high profits, a low casino edge, the ability to ride along with someone else's skills, a lot easy to get free stuff, occasional long winning streaks, and the ability to determine how the table is going?getting the low down from other players.

So why not give it a try, the odds are with you 900% or is that $900 worth?

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