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Craps can be considered a battle between you and the house. The only way to win a battle is with a good strategy. There are two strategies that will help you get the most out of your Craps experience and minimize the potential losses you may incur. By using a good strategy, you will give yourself the upper hand. » Craps Strategy

Knowing how to play the game of craps is one thing; knowing how to win consistently is another. There are some craps gambling tips that you can learn to greatly improve your chances of winning long term. Craps is a fun game and with some additional craps gambling tips, it is extremely exciting. We are going to share two important craps gambling tips with you.


Introduction to Craps

For beginning players, the game of craps might seem like a complicated gamble. In all actuality, it’s relatively easy to learn and understand. First, craps is played with two dice on a special table made specifically for the game. The person who throws the dice is referred to as the shooter, and other players make their bets and win or lose according to the numbers on the dice.

Once all bets have been placed, the shooter throws the first throw known as the “come out” throw. If the shooter happens to throw a total of 7 or 11, he automatically wins. This is referred to as a “natural.” A total of 2, 3, or 12 means the shooter loses, and this is called craps.

A subsequent roll yielding any other total is called a point, and the shooter keeps rolling until he throws his point once more or rolls a 7. Throwing a point first means he wins, but throwing a 7 means he loses and it’s called a “seven out.”

When a natural, craps, a seven or the point is thrown, a new round begins. Provided the shooter sevens out, the dice is then passed to the next player who becomes the new shooter. While the game of craps may seem a little complicated at first, understanding the basics will allow you to make smart betting choices and gain a bit of an advantage against the house. There’s not much skill involved with craps, except when it comes to knowing what to bet. If you enjoy a challenging, exciting game then craps may be the game for you.

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