Field Betting Craps System

The field is a sucker’s bet—or is it? Many would have you believe that playing the field is for losers, but there are field betting craps systems out there. Do any of them work? Before we look at one field betting craps system I am fond of, it’s important that we look at some key numbers to set things up. First, there are eight numbers in the field that you can win with. The field is a one-roll proposition bet. The four numbers left out of the field (5,6,7,8) have the most possible combinations. The non-field numbers (the losers) account for 20 of the 36 possible roll combinations. When you place a wager on the field, you have a 44.4% chance to win (16 possible combinations).

Is it possible to tilt the odds in your favor?

The short answer is yes. Numbers tend to work themselves out over time. How much time that will be is the eternal question. If you were to flip a coin, the outcome might be heads a few times then tails and so forth. However, over the long term, the results will end up close to a 50/50 split. Therefore, if a series of non-field numbers are rolled, a field number has a great probability of showing up at some point to help get the numbers back in line.

Before going into the simple structure of this field betting craps system, we need to look at a couple more numbers. There is a 55.6% probability that a non-field number (5,6,7,8) will be rolled. How about consecutive rolls? The probability of rolling two non-field numbers consecutively is 30.9%. There’s only a 17.1% probability that a shooter will roll three consecutive non-field numbers and the probability drops to just 9.5% for four consecutive non-field rolls. See where I am going with this?

This field betting craps system simply involves you paying attention to each roll to see if it was a field or non-field roll. Once you see three non-field rolls come up, bet on the field. You have, in theory, a 91.5% probability to win. If you lose, try betting again, because your winning probability just went up to 94.6%. If you love to gamble, try betting a small progression chain using this concept.

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