Craps Odds

So, just what are the odds? Many players play the game of Craps without thinking about the probability of events actually happing. Today, we look at some common Craps odds that all Craps players should know. We will look at the odds of certain numbers being rolled and take a look at the odds of winning a bet in the field.

Craps Odds for Numbers

red Dice from Las Vegas

Let’s start by looking at the odds of numbers being rolling in craps. The hardest two are the 2 and 12, because there’s only one combination for each one. The odds of rolling one of these are 1:36. Next up is the 3 and 11—both with two combinations each. The odds of rolling one of these two are 1:18. The 4 and 10 both have three combinations each and the odds of rolling either one are 1:12. The 5 and 9 both have four combinations each and the odds of rolling either are 1:9. The 6 and 8 both have five combinations each and you have a 1:7 chance of rolling either one. The king of combinations is the 7. It has six combinations and you have a 1:6 chance of rolling it.

Craps Odds for the Field

The field looks very pretty on the Craps layout. It’s loaded with what looks like every number possible. In fact, of the twelve numbers, only four are left out (5,6,7,8). Unfortunately, the numbers left out have the most combinations possible. Out of 36 possible combinations, twenty of them are not in the field. Surprised? Only 16 combinations remain for the player to win this one-roll bet. In terms of probability, you have a 44% chance to win your bet. Unfortunately, except for the 2 and 12, this bet pays even money—even though you have a 56% chance to lose.

A brief look inside the mathematics of Craps reveals what the good and bad bets are and what Craps players should be focusing on.

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