Craps Gambling Tips

Knowing how to play the game of craps is one thing; knowing how to win consistently is another. There are some craps gambling tips that you can learn to greatly improve your chances of winning long term. Craps is a fun game and with some additional craps gambling tips, it is extremely exciting. We are going to share two important craps gambling tips with you.

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Playing the field

Most gambling professionals will not hesitate to tell you that betting on the field in Craps is something to be avoided. It’s a one-roll sucker bet. However, if you decide to play those numbers, you can do something to increase your probability of winning. First, make sure you are not playing the field every roll or you will lose over the long haul. When you place a bet on the field, you only have a 44.4% probability of winning. Thus, placing a field bet over and over will cost you. However, if you wait to see three consecutive non-field rolls first, then bet, you will greatly improve the probability of winning. The probability that you will lose your bet is only 9.5%.

The Proposition Area

The proposition area, or prop box, is a casino’s dream. This area is located in the middle of the craps layout and it’s filled with all the bets you should not make. Sure, the bets contained in the prop box can be fun and exciting, but they are big time losers. The house has a very high advantage over all the bets contained in this area. In short, stay away.

By following these two Craps gambling tips, you will be well on your way to playing better Craps and winning more. Have fun at the Craps table and good luck!

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