Chouette Rules

Chouette, a form of backgammon designed for more than two players, has rules similar to backgammon. When playing in a club, it is important to know the club house rules as they may differ from the general Chouette rules.

Player Roles:

To begin a game of Chouette, each player rolls a die. If a tie occurs, there is a re-roll, so the person with the highest number can be determined. The person who rolls the highest is the “box,” who plays against a team of all the other members. The person who rolls the second highest number becomes the team captain. The captain is the only person who rolls and makes all play decisions for the team. Each time the “box” wins, he collects from the team and the next person in line (in order of the number rolled) becomes “captain.” When the captain wins, he becomes the “box” and the losing box goes to the end of the line of players to be “captain.”


When playing Chouette, each game is individual and there is no total score at the end of all the matches (when every player has been “captain”). Scoring Chouette is done through points that have been won or lost. Each player maintains a running score through all the matches; if you have been scoring properly, the sum of all scores should equal zero.


Chouette is either played with one doubling cube or with several cubes. Depending on where you play, consultation between players may be allowed on how a roll should be played. Most often, consultation between members is allowed after the cube is turned. When playing with a single cube, the players must decide individually whether or not to accept the doubling cube. If the players decide to reject the double, they must pay off to the “box” and sit out the rest of the games; if the “captain” rejects it, he moves to the end of the line. The same is true for a multi-cubed game where decisions continue following the initial double.

Online Play:

Playing Chouette online can be difficult. A monitor is often required to keep track of scores and cube position; it is generally recommended that the monitor have a strong mastery of Chouette. When playing online, the “captain” should always have the board notation feature turned on in order to understand the team’s comments. It is also recommended that players follow the advice of their team, though it is not required. Generally, you should ask more advice from your team if you are a weaker player, and less if you are very strong. As “captain,” you should pause after rolls in order to give the monitor a chance to record moves and allow your teammates an opportunity to double. If anyone does double, wait another moment to allow the “box” to decide on all the cubes. Do not wait too long to play in order to keep the game going. “Captains” should also try to type double rather than hitting the double button. This will prevent the box from accidentally dropping and ending the game.

When you are playing online as the “box,” it is important to remember that if you are going to drop, everyone will want to double. You should wait until everyone has doubled before dropping or taking to prevent that; it is appropriate to ask if anyone else will be doubling before your play. As the “box,” if you decide to double, you should wait to give the monitor time to record results and give other players a chance to drop or roll.

When playing Chouette as a team member, the most important rule is to pay attention. When you are not the captain, it is easy to become distracted because you do not have as active a role in the game. However, when the “box” is waiting for players to double or the “captain” is in need of advice, distracted players are very frustrating. It is appropriate for the monitor to make doubling decisions for non-responsive players. As a team member, you should have the board notation turned on. This will make giving advice easier to understand and more efficient. Finally, as a team member, it is important to know your cube’s position. This will prevent you from doubling when it is unnecessary, and will allow you to know if you have won or not.


In general, when playing Chouette, you should always take the game seriously no matter what your role. By taking it seriously and playing as you would in a backgammon club, the game will be more enjoyable for everyone. It is also important to be patient when playing Chouette online. There is no specific software for Chouette, so games may be slow to load. You may also experience a lag due to discussions between players and the captain.

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