Safest Craps System

Many craps players around the world have looked for the safest craps system on the planet. The true fact is there isn’t one. There is one system, which I will share with you today, that’ pretty safe. To make a craps system safe, you have to play more conservative than traditional play. If you are ready, let’s dive into the safest craps system I know.

The craps system is really easy to play.

When it is the come out roll, simply place a bet on the don’t pass line. If you can afford it, it’s recommend that you play $30 units or higher increments of $30. This way you can always get the right odds with no further risk. If you are a low-limit player, try $5 or $10. It can work even at the $3 level. By the way, the safest craps system is a great way to get free cocktails if you are playing at a live table.

Once a point is rolled, it’s time to place the number. Let’s say that we had $30 on the don’t pass line and a five was rolled—making five the point. Our next move would be to place the five for $30. We are now in a great position, because we can’t lose. The worst-case scenario is that we break even. If the shooter throws a five, we win. Remember at the beginning I told you about playing conservatively? Well, if we were to win in this example, our profit would be $5.

Even though this is called the safest craps system, there’s still risk involved.

Your main risk will be on the come out roll. If a seven or eleven is rolled, you lose. However, you do win on a two or three. The downside is that while you have five possible dice combinations that would result in an instant win, you have eight possible dice combinations that would result in an instant lose. If you look at it another way, when those dice fly out, there’s a 77.7% probability that you will be just fine. If you make it past the come out roll, you are home free.

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