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Online vs. Live Craps

The game of craps is undeniably one of the most exciting, fast paced casino games around today. For gamblers who enjoy playing craps in a casino, that excitement is oftentimes part of the allure. However, the rise of internet gambling parlors have given way to craps being introduced as an online game, and many players are slowly starting to gravitate towards internet craps games as a way to have fun and possibly win money at the same time, while remaining relatively anonymous. Given the high popularity of casino craps, it’s only natural to assume that the game would transfer over to online gambling parlors, as well.

Before beginning any types of craps play, online or in an actual brick and mortar casino it’s important to know what you’re getting into first. Gaining an understanding of the various types of bets, rules and concepts behind the game will definitely help before you play. There are plenty of resources on the internet that can help you achieve success with online craps, as well as strategies to improve your game during a casino match. A clear understanding of various protocols will enhance your gaming experience whether online or off.

To be perfectly honest, online craps games and casino games are pretty much more or less the same. The rules are the same for both, but there are distinct differences to make a note of before deciding on the best way to play craps. With casino craps games, you get the excitement and the atmosphere that are very common around a typical craps table. There’s a lot of yelling, loud voices, and excited chatter which makes a casino craps game a highly enjoyable experience. With online casinos, you don’t get the same type of atmosphere and interaction with other players, if you get any at all.

What’s more, the actual game playing itself differs in certain respects. For example, while at a casino if you decide to play at a craps table you will be expected to bet. This makes sense, because casinos have to generate revenue and there’s no such thing as a “practice table” in the real world. With online casinos however, beginning craps players can choose to play for free or at one of many practice tables in order to get a feel for the game first. This opens up an excellent opportunity for the novice player to get a hands-on feel for the game and the intricacies of the betting process.

The interaction between players differs as well, because in a casino craps game the action is very hands-on. For example, the shooter throws the dice and figures out which numbers are rolled that way; but with online casinos, everything is determined by the random number generator, pretty much eliminating the interaction between players. Because of this aspect, it’s important to find a reputable and well known online casino to avoid getting duped because the game was rigged in some way. Provided you do your research beforehand, you should be fine in this area.

Because of the popularity of craps in regular casinos, the online gambling world has definitely taken notice and slowly but surely introduced craps into their system. For gamblers who just want to focus on the game and don’t care about the excited atmosphere casino play offers, finding a well known internet casino that offers craps games would be the perfect way to go. Subsequently, if the hubbub of a casino is an essential part of the gambling experience for you and you’d prefer not to lose out on that player interaction, it would be wise to continue playing craps in an actual casino. Because the rules and regulations of play are essentially the same, it really boils down to personal preference as far as online versus live craps goes. Anonymity is a major benefit for those who would like to play craps but feel too intimidated to do so at an actual casino. While there are a few benefits to playing internet craps (such as the chance to practice beforehand and the opportunity to play free tables,) for those gamblers who enjoy the exciting casino atmosphere that will definitely be the way to go.

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