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Holding and Throwing Dice

The game of craps has become undeniably popular over the years, both in online casinos and traditional live casinos. While craps is technically a game based on luck, there are certain skills involved when it comes to both holding and throwing the dice. It’s not a game where you can truly turn the odds in your favor, but with continuous practice and a good idea of what to do when throwing the dice, you can possibly beat the house odds and turn the tables in your favor. In any case, the only element of skill involved in a craps game is how you hold and throw the dice.

The theory of “dice control” among popular table games such as craps is definitely gaining ground among gamblers of all ilk. Because craps is all about the numbers you get when you roll the dice, it would be advantageous if there were a way you could almost consistently guarantee a hand turns in your favor simply by the way you hold and subsequently roll the dice. Many people feel that if you hold the dice in a craps game a certain way once you’ve set them in a proper arrangement, then throw them at the same speed you can possibly defy the odds and come up a winner. However, in order to master this alleged skill, you need to practice, practice and practice until you think you’ve got it figured out.

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In order to determine how to hold the dice, you must examine the dice each time you’re the shooter.

The theory says that if you hold the dice the same way every time, you can come out on top. However, you must not only hold the dice the same way but they must also be thrown at the same speed each time which isn‘t very likely to occur. Additionally, setting the dice up so that the number 7 isn’t on any of the four faces also goes along with this theory, because supposedly the 7 will never come up.

There’s actually no best way to ensure a “rhythm roll,” as it’s called, but following the above tips may prove advantageous to you. Setting the dice into a proper formation and rolling them as the same speed each time takes practice. Before you head out to a casino, you’ll want to practice beforehand to avoid unnecessary attention at the casino. A couple of ways to set the dice are recommended by various craps players, and they require a bit of practice. For example, the 6-T set is a very simple set of the dice, where both sixes are on top. It doesn’t matter what numbers are on the sides or bottom. This set is supposedly used to avoid a 7 coming up during the roll.

Dice strategy may sound a bit complicated or farfetched, but many experience craps player swear by it. With a bit of practice, you can figure out how to throw consistently each time and hopefully decrease the chances of a bad throw.

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