The history of the Craps game

The history of Craps, in some circles, is a debatable issue. Tracing the game of Craps all the way back to its single root origin is a difficult task. The widely accepted idea is that the game we now know as Craps is a modification of a game called Hazard. Bernard de Mandeville created the game called Hazard. No, it was not created in France. Hazard was developed in the United States—New Orleans—in 1813. The game gained in popularity and soon it was evolved—possibly simplified—into Craps. There are many who would laugh at the fact that Craps was simplified.

dice in old car

Craps used to be widely popular and it quickly became part of the American lifestyle.

It branched out into two main forms—casino and street. Just about every segment of the population in America was familiar with the game of Craps—they at least knew what it was. The fact that Craps has fallen in popularity over the past twenty to thirty years is a testament that the American public does not wish to think much when gambling. As Craps began to wane in popularity, other games that did not require much thought gained.

In the mid-1990s, some Las Vegas casinos experimented with a simplified version of Craps.

The game was more like a Blackjack table and lacked many of the exotic wagering at a true Craps table. The idea was that a small table with one dealer is much less intimidating for players to walk up to than a huge area with ten or more people. The idea was played with, but failed. Today, many people still shy away from one of the best games in the casino to play, because they are intimidated. The history of Craps is filled with many good moments and the future of the game should be a continuation as an American icon in the casino.

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