Good Bets in Craps

Winning in craps is challenging and people often have used different strategies so that they would have the upper hand in the game. It’s not cheating since this is just a strategy on how to bet in the game of craps and eventually winning the game.

Before you play the game, always remember that the house will always ensure they have a little bit of advantage in the game. It’s not cheating either but they practically have a competitive advantage that you’ll just end up losing everything if you’re planning to play the game until the casino runs out of funds or gives up on you.

There are two simple types of bets that you can work on when you are just beginning in craps:

Pass and Don’t Pass

Basically Pass means you are betting on a 7 or 11. However, when the result is 2, 3 or 12, you lose. Don’t pass on the other hand means you are betting on 2 and 3. When you bet on don’t pass, 12 is an automatic draw. There are also single throw bets where you can easily bet on a number and see if you win if you get that roll. Pass odds are 4,5,6,8,9,10 while don’t pass odds come in different variations. Pass odds are very simple to bet on while don’t pass odds are different per house and the possibility of winning is slimmer.

Come bet is much like the same as pass bet but the best actually comes after the roll-out.

Don’t come is much the same as don’t pass bet which is also after the roll-out.

From the looks of it, pass odds are the best possible bet because of the possible numbers you can win on. However, you can only bet up to five times in the house but in high stakes game the number of pass odd bets could reach up to a hundred.

Based on the number of possible odds, seven will always have the highest possibility of odds in terms of winning. Most of the time, the challenge is to know what type of bet you’ll be going for. There is a great temptation that you will have to go for don’t pass bet since there is always a possibility of a draw.

The main trick in the game is to understand how the betting game works.

Although craps is a game of chance, it’s always better to determine your odds in the game. Sometimes, you’ll be stuck in determining the outcome of the game that you forget to determine how you will win.

The best bet that you can do in craps is to bet on pass odds at first. This will gauge you on how you actually control the game and rolling the dice. After that, you can now move to another combination and go for a more complicated bet which could be the pass line or don’t pass. Come and don’t come bet are ideal bets when the initial roll has already been given and you see a bigger possibility of getting those numbers.

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