Liar's Dice Game

The game of liar’s dice is pretty simple. The objective of the game is to knock out all the dice in each opponent. The remaining player who still has a die or a dice, wins.

In order to knock out all the dice of the opponent the player has to guess if the declared value of the opponent is correct or not. The player may challenge the declared value of the dice and if the player is correct the declarer loses a die. If the declarer on the other hand has declared the right value of his/her dice, the challenger loses a die. Some variations dictate that the loser in the game should hand one of the dice to the winner.

To determine who starts the game, all participants should throw their dice in the table and whoever gets the highest value starts the game while the second highest is the second to declare and so on. There are other variations though wherein the highest player is declared to start the game and the person on the right or left will be the next player.

Declaring the value in the liar’s dice is also called a bid. Like in poker a player has to bluff the card if it’s real or not. Every time a player bids, others may or may not challenge. Once there’s none who wants to challenge the player, the next player should declare a higher bid of the dice regardless of the dice. When the bid is higher that the next player has expected, the player could actually roll the dice again up to two or three times depending on the agreement between players. As the game continues, the bid of the dice continues which lowers the possibility that the declared value of the dice is real.

In declaring the bid, there are rules on how a player should declare the dice. Players shouldn’t just say “I have three the same numbers” instead they have to be very specific in declaring the value of their card. They can either say “four fives” or “two fours”. Once the player has declared this bid, the next player should declare a higher value. To determine the higher value, players follow the ranking in poker. When the previous player declares “two fours” the next higher value could either be “three fours” or “two fives”. Sometimes the player could jump to a much higher value which would oftentimes give their opponents the clue if they are bluffing or not. In a simple game of liar’s dice, only one player could challenge the call while there are variations that do allow multiple challenges.

There are actually other ways of winning the game.

When you think the player has declared the correct value of the dice, you can say declare “spot on” which actually indicates that the player has declared the exact value of the dice. Another way of winning the game is to call the player’s hand. In doing this, the player challenges the player’s dice. Whoever has the highest set of dice wins.

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