Cho-Han Bakuchi

Cho-Han Bakuchi is a traditional Japanese dice game. This gambling game uses two standard, six-sided dice.

What you do to play this game is, the dice are shaken in a bamboo cup or bowl, by the dealer. Then the dealer overturns the cup keeping the dice inside, hidden from view.

Then depending on how many players there are, they wager on whether the dice will show “Cho”, which is even or “Han”, which is odd.

Then the dealer takes the cup off of the dice. And whoever guesses right wins the money that is in the pot. If there are a few winners then the money gets split between the winners and if you are the only winner you win all of the money. If no one guesses right the dealer acts as the house and keeps it in the bank.

The game was played and first started by the Japanese crime gangs in the 1700's to mid-20th century.

Today it is still played by the modern Yakuza, (members of traditional organized crime groups in Japan). The Yakuza is one of the largest crime organizations in the world. There are over 84,700 known members to date.

The traditional Japanese way of playing Cho-Han, you sit on a tatami floor, (woven, folded, and piled mats, they are usually packed with rice straw) facing each other in a circle.

The dealer sits in the formal seiza position (to sit kneeling with tops feet flat to the floor, resting buttocks on heels) with no shirt, (to prevent anyone calling him a cheat) and to show off his tattoos.

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