Cee-Lo Game

Cee-Lo traces its roots in China centuries ago but has only gained popularity in the US in 2000. It’s a fairly complicated game but it has gained enough followers in the country that PlayStation even developed a small game dedicated to Cee-Lo.

In almost every community of players, there are different rules that have been established to cater to their own type of playing Cee-Lo. However, here are some of the basic principles that every player follows in every game of Cee-Lo.

In a game of Cee-Lo, there are three six-sided dice that are used. In every game, there will be a banker who usually has a slight advantage over other players. Because of the advantage, the role of being the banker is usually transferred when the banker breaks.

The goal of every game of Cee-Lo is to have a dice combination of 4-5-6.

The banker rolls the dice first and tries to get this combination. If ever the player rolls in 1-2-3, he immediately losses and has to pay the bet every player made. The bank is then broken and the role of the bank is transferred to another player. Another possible combination is a pair and a singleton. The singleton is the score of the banker. When he/she rolls 3-3-5, the score will be five points. When this combination happens, the player will have to roll until he beats this combination with a higher pair and singleton or 4-5-6. When the singleton rolled by the banker is 6, he/she immediately wins the game. However, when the result is 1, the banker losses and the bank breaks. When the banker rolls another straight combination such as 3-4-5 the player has to roll until he/she reaches a combination where he loses or pushes a tie.

If the combination is the same with the player and the banker, each keep their bets and move on to the next game.

When there are no banker in the game, players will have the same bet and the player who has the highest combination wins the pot. Most of the time non-banking game doesn’t treat 1-1-1 as a losing combination wherein a trio is also accepted.

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