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The game of craps has become highly popular since its invention, both in online casinos and traditional facilities. The atmosphere, the noise, the lights and sounds all contribute to a player’s gambling experience with this game, so it is no wonder as to why so many people enjoy it! With that being said, since craps is a game that is so popular and increasing in popularity every day, there is bound to be a system that details how to increase your winnings in the long term, right? Wrong! There is no system that will guarantee you to defy the house edge and take home the big bucks. However, there are some pretty common sense theories that can allow you the chance to improve your odds with a little bit of skill, luck and practice.

Catch the Dice

The following theory only works in an actual casino, not online,

supposedly, setting up the dice and throwing in a certain way can increase your chances of winning, and decrease the chance that a seven will pop up. The theory says that if you hold the dice the same way, and throw them at the same velocity each time, that you will be able to improve your odds of winning. Well, in reality it is actually very difficult to consistently throw the same each turn, but there are a couple of tips out there that will tell you how to arrange the dice before you shoot. If you do try this, practice at home before you head out to a casino. Some of the dice arrangements take a little bit of practice, especially since most casinos have very strict rules about handling the dice for too long.

Throughout the long line of invented systems which are supposedly meant to help you win at craps, none of these so-called systems have actually worked. That is right: anytime you see a long sales letter on a web site somewhere, detailing the next best secret to winning at craps, you can happily click your browsers back button and know you made the right choice. These systems are all bogus, and anyone who claims they have the magical secrets that will allow you to win at craps ninety-five percent of the time is merely a con artist trying to get your money. The general rule, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Do not allow yourself to be swindled by overeager salesmen trying to make a buck.

Rather than following some silly system you bought online for thirty dollars, by far your best bet in craps is the Pass/Come and Don’t Pass/Don’t Come, with full odds.

These bets, while mathematically your best choice for beating the house edge, are often looked down upon my many players because they are not exciting enough for some gamblers. Do not be one of those players. With these bets, you stand to lose mere change for every one hundred dollars you bet, which is nothing compared to what you could lose on some of the riskier bets on the table. If you enjoy the game and want to earn as much as you can from it, these bets are the ticket to winning over an extended period of time.

The game of craps is undeniably exciting and fast paced, and can seem very daunting to novice players. Experienced players know that no gambling system you can buy will truly work, but many inexperienced gamblers can get taken in by promises of dramatic earnings and compelling sales copy. While craps systems available online do not work, there are theories you can use that may or may not help improve your odds against the house. For simplicity’s sake though, you may just want to stick to betting on the surefire Don’t Pass/Don’t Come bets and the Pass/Come bets. Overall, you have the best chance of earning anything significant in the long run with these types of craps bets.

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