Craps Probabilities

For many gamblers, the game of craps offers the excitement and sparkling atmosphere other casino games could only hope to emulate. For these reasons alone, craps is easily one of the most popular casino games of all time and can only continue to rise in the ranks as more people are introduced to the exciting world of craps. Before playing however, it’s very important to learn and understand craps probabilities before you roll those dice. If you’re serious about playing craps, it’s important that you make an attempt to learn the basic percentages. Doing so can only help improve your chances of becoming a better craps player.

Out of the possible 36 outcomes in craps, the chances of rolling a 7 are the highest of all. As a matter of fact, 6 of every 36 rolls will give you a 7, which means your chances of this number turning up are 6/36 (5:1 or 16.67%, as well.) On the opposite side of the spectrum, the numbers you are least likely to roll are the 2 and the 12, with a measly 1in 36 chance these numbers will come up (in other words, your odds on rolling these numbers are 35 to 1.)

If you want to determine your odds for winning the come-out roll in craps, you have to understand the chances of rolling a 7 or 11. If you consider the number of possible combinations for these two numbers (which are 6 and 2, respectively,) you have to conclude that the probability of rolling a 7 or 11 is 8/36, or 8 out of every 36 rolls. Subsequently, your odds of losing the come out roll are dependent on the odds of rolling a 2, 3, or 12. Considering that the chances of rolling a 2 are 1/36, a 3 is 2/36 and a 12 is 1/36, the probability of losing the come-out roll is exactly 4/36.

For craps players interested in determining the probability of both winning and losing the pass line bet, the odds are exactly the same at 12/36. If you look at this number as a percentage, there’s exactly a 33.33% probability that a craps player will either lose or win the pass line bet. Granted, the odds will change dramatically as the game wears on but these numbers serve as a basic guideline for craps players interested in determining the probability behind the rolls of the dice.

Beginning and novice players alike should make an attempt to learn the numbers behind craps probabilities to improve their chances of becoming a better player. Of course, understanding probability percentages isn’t enough. You must also be well versed in craps strategy, combined with a basic understanding of craps probabilities to improve your overall chances of becoming a successful craps player. Learning the numbers behind probability in the game of craps shows you are serious when it comes to the game, and that you are dedicated to improving your success. Eventually, you’ll have the above percentages memorized and will be on your way to improving your chances of winning the game of craps.

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