Backgammon and Fresh Drink


Backgammon is a board game that can be enjoyed by two players. 

It is the oldest recorded game in history, tracing all the way back to Mesopotamia in 500 A.D. 

Each player has fifteen checkers which move between twenty-four points.  The movement of the checkers is determined by the roll of two dice.  The purpose of backgammon is to move your checkers to your home board before your opponent is able to move their checkers to their home board.  Although it features a relatively simple game play, backgammon is a game that is rich in strategy.  Players must perform such actions as choosing from multiple moves for checkers after each roll of the die.

backgammon glass table

Backgammon is a popular game worldwide.

It is widely played throughout the Middle East and Central Asia.  In the Middle East, there are four variations of the game, including shesh besh and mahbusa.  Throughout other countries, popular variations include bradspel, which is popular variant in Sweden that features a different method of winning.  With the advent of computers, backgammon has become a very popular game for computers.  It can either be installed as software on the computer, or played via one of the many web sites that offer real-time backgammon play against players around the world.  Most of the web sites are free or offer their services at a very low price.

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